Pen and Ink



There’s a simplicity to writing with a dip pen and ink.  You feel the scratch of the nib as it feels it’s way across the paper, a very visceral experience of knowing you’re creating a story that could have been written in the same manner hundreds of years ago, yet, it’s 2018.  The words I use today may be new or ancient, the story might be modern or historic but the drive to write and speak of life as we see it is as old as our own human origins.

We are all storytellers.


“Michelle wrote a lovely feature story for my lifestyle magazine.  Her grasp on description and language, along with her willingness to learn and cooperation with editing, led to both a positive experience and a quality publication.  Her ability to find enterprise content as a freelancer was a huge(and impressive) relief from an editor’s perspective.  I believe she could be a worthwhile addition to any creative environment.”

– C. Tierney, Daily News Record

Lifestyle Magazine Feature